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Stickball Slugger

"Play to win"

12" x 13" x 22.5" H

Sculpted clay and hand painted

$3,300 Signed Original

The Story
The artist, Terry L. Crowther, has always loved figurative sculptures and the way the human anatomy is used to tell a story. He also has a family who is very competitive and loves the game of baseball. When thinking about doing a sculpture of a baseball player at bat he wanted to do it in different way than a player in uniform. He wanted to do it in a way he could use the anatomy to capture the intensity and determination to win.

This led him to using an image of one of America’s (and his family’s) favorite game, the game of stickball. The timing was perfect because his grandson was home on break from college baseball. He was an exceptional batter so he had no problem capturing the look. Dressed in swim shorts, swinging an imaginary stick bat with an ax wielding look on his face, he modeled for the piece.

The artist loves the outcome of this piece. As he looks at the completed sculpture, he knows he has succeeded in using the human anatomy and the look on the player’s face to capture the intensity needed to compete and win. What a great piece of art to have in your collection.

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