​Sunset Surfer

I have known the artist, Terry, for many years in a friendly, business relationship.  If you know Terry, you know how easy it is to become friendly with him.  I had always admired his art as he showed me photos and talked about what he was working on, or if I were reading about a project on his web site.  The Sunset Surfer was one piece that spoke to me.  While I don't surf, I do enjoy the beach.   I live in Huntington Beach "Surf City" and know, all too well, how difficult it is to get a bit of leisure time to do what one loves.  This sculpture is a beautiful tribute to a woman's strength and determination to grab life whenever she can.  When I look at Sunset Surfer it gives comfort to my heart and my mind.  I am not an art critic nor an artist, barely an appreciator of art, but this sculpture is so realistic in appearance, posture and facial expression that it transports me to the ocean.  Each time I look at her, I am standing on the beach looking out at the great Pacific Ocean and daydreaming, if just for a moment.

Terry is an artist who is inspiring both in his work and in his life.  He captures the essence of an individual because of his acute human connection, tireless energy and precise, careful planning.

Because of our personal relationship with the artist, my husband and I are honored to have a piece of his "sculpture with a story", in our home.

Pamela H.

Collectors Stories

​Mom's Timeout

Dear Terry,

I knew I had to have this sculpture, it represents what I love to do as well as what I need to do “Moms Timeout”.  Each day as I pass this piece I am reminded to slow down, take a little time to myself, read a book or just kick my shoes off and relax! Thank you so much for this piece of joy and solitude.

Kristin K.

God's Gift

Dear Grandpa,

Stephen and I are very thankful for the sculpture you created of our Brooks. You were able to so accurately capture and depict his young face in a way that brings us back to that special time in his life each and every time we look at it. We are very pleased to have a lasting memento that reminds us so fondly of those early days.


Stephen and Megan

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Grandpa, The sculpture you created of Reese has brought us such joy. We are in awe of your talent! Each day that I walk by it hanging on our bedroom wall, I am reminded of what a precious gift life is. We are forever grateful to you for so perfectly capturing our little angel.

Love you,


The Golfer

Golf is a game that requires a tremendous amount of physical skill, discipline, determination, focus and passion.  Passionate golfers seem to always be thinking about golf. It is often referred to as a “Thinking Mans Game”.  Golfers think about everything from the clothes they wear, to the course conditions, to swing mechanics, to ”shaping the shot”. Good golfers even plan and  “see the shot” in their mind before they make it a reality!

As an avid golfer, my husband Larry was honored to be the subject for Terry L Crowther’s sculpture, “The Golfer”.  Terry approaches his art in much the same manner a golfer approaches the game of golf. 

Thoughtful, disciplined and passionate about the “stories “ he is able to shape and share through his amazing  works of art.

He invests the time to “see” and plan the work, he embraces the challenges the subject matter might present and he is determined to capture both the physical and spiritual presence of his subject.

When I first saw “The Golfer”, my immediate response was that Terry had precisely capture my husband’s facial features, anatomy and golf swing.  The attention to detail was amazing!

Then I took the time to “really “ look at the sculpture.  I realized that Terry had done far more than merely capture Larry’s anatomy and physical presence. “The Golfer” captured Larry’s spirit.  This beautiful work of art tells the story of my husband’s competitive nature, the focus and determination he demonstrates in all aspects of life, and his passion for life and the game he loves.

Alicia W.