After eight years, and progressing from draftsman to designer and architectural model maker, he realized if he wanted to be a homebuilder he needed to make a shift and go to work for builders to learn what he needed to know. This turned out to be the right decision because it gave him the added knowledge to start The TL Crowther Company, a custom homebuilding company at age 33. This was a major accomplishment because it brought to fruition the vision he had at age 18, 15 years prior.

Where does the artist and sculptor Terry L. Crowther get his talent and passion to create figurative sculptures that tell a story and deliver a message? He would tell you his talent comes from his God given artistic gift and his passion comes from his desire to help others be all they can be. Coupled with his core belief that you can have what you want, if you are clear about what that is, and you are willing to do what it takes to get there, you have the artist's formula for success. Other secrets to success are incorporated in his work.

Where did his core belief come from? It was first instilled in him by his mother, a woman who never took “I can’t” for an answer. It was further reinforced by a book he read in 1961 at age 18. The book described the secrets of success and how you can get what you want out of life. The artist has said, “This book changed my life!” The book he read is Think and Grow Ritch by Napoleon Hill. The book is still in print and he still applies its wisdom.

A gift does not turn into a talent and a belief does not turn into success without adding skills and a big dose of persistence. The artistic gift started turning into a talent when he was a child and taught himself how to draw by tracing pictures of people in his mother’s magazines. He then applied it in high school in mechanical drafting and science where he turned a failing grade in science into a passing grade by mounting the skeleton of a sparrow. He received an “A” and triple credit for this one project. It saved his bacon. You could say it was his first successful sculpture of real value.

It was during this time that his life took a major shift. He was visiting a custom home construction site with his older brother and a friend, whose father was the builder, and saw clearly what he wanted to do to make a living - build homes for families. Not knowing how he was going to get there, he took the one road that was available and switched from mechanical drafting to architectural drafting. This was his first exposure to how architecture (art) can influence the lives of others. He continued down this path and attended Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, California where he majored in architectural drafting and design.

After completing a two year program in one year he set out to get his first job where he again used his artistic talent to land his first job as an architectural draftsman. You see, he was a much better illustrator than a draftsman at that time and that’s exactly what the architect needed. This put him on the inside of the homebuilding circle.

As he progressed through his homebuilding career he took the time to dedicate over 22 years as a volunteer youth football coach and then in transitioning out of homebuilding he became certified as an executive, career, and team building coach. He has also written two self-help books, A Youth Coaching Manual and The Art of Getting Front-Row Parking and The Life You Want.

He now dedicates his artistic talents and passion to help others by creating his sculptures with a story and delivering a message. He draws great pleasure by turning an idea into reality and capturing the emotions in each and every piece. So not only do his collectors get a great piece of art when they purchase one of his sculptures they also get an inspirational message for success.

When a collector adds their story to the sculpture they have a personal treasure to pass on from generation to generation. Read Collector's Stories

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